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(all of them just as wonderful, but possibly not as exciting nor as naughty to be the subjects of the films... not necessarily a bad thing)

24 hours in the lives of the Cats of Erskineville


The 18th cat to be studied, Benson, sadly missed out on the official study, as the GPS collar assigned to him was lost by the previous wearer Midnight during her study. Midnight dropped it on the railway tracks, never to be recovered (even though we knew where it was because of the GPS signal, the guys at Railcorp still couldn't find it). Benson completed his study 1 week later however sadly he missed out on being a part of the artwork for the Festival. His data has still been used for the vet analysis. Sadly Benson passed away early in 2014, run over by a 4WD on his street. RIP Benson.

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