Shot by Jeff and Matt Woodham.

Edited by Matt Woodham

Thanks to Jeff, Betsey and Willy Brister



Jeff was a kitten of the feral kind. He was found on a farm by Betsey's daughter, hidden in the hollow of a log. Only a few weeks old, he was brought to Erskineville to begin life as a domestic cat with the Brister Family. But Jeff isn't exactly a cat of the 'house' variety. In winter Jeff occasionally comes inside through Betsey's window to curl up on the end of her bed for a few hours at night. He also pops by when Betsey's son Willy comes home from the butcher just incase he decides to drop Jeff a few bits of delicious meat from the chopping board.

But most of the time Jeff spends his days and nights outdoors lazing around Rochford St. He often takes up residence in a neighbour's front yard, lying in the dappled sunlight. Or you might catch him sitting on a wall or fence, greeting passers by. Everyone knows Jeff. Neighbours feed him. Strangers pat him. Even in the wee hours he is there to greet the weary revellers as they make their way home through Erskineville's quiet streets. Late one night Willy recalls hearing a voice outside the house. It was a guy sitting on the bench, Jeff courteously seated right next to him. The bloke was sobbing, pouring his heart, explaining to Jeff how his girlfriend had dumped him. 


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