Shot by Jewels & Matt Woodham

Edited by Matt Woodham

Thanks to Jewels, Tesha, Mila and Jason

Jewels' Story

Jewels is a clever little cat. Only 1 year old, she has worked out how to sneak into her neighbour's house.

The story goes that while still a kitten, Jewels would visit the neighbour's cat Azzie during the daytime. Jewels unfortunately peed on their couch and after that she wasn't exactly welcome there anymore. 

So she decided to visit at night. The footage shows her literally poking her head into a bedroom, coaxing the cat out and heading to the spare bed where they seem to just hang out. 

For some cats, urban adventuring means visiting houses. For anyone with a cat flap, your house is fair game to visitors like Jewels. 


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