Photograph by Matthew Venables

Creative producer Imogen Semmler joined forces with Artistic Director Michelle McCosker to deliver this large scale public art commission for Art & About Sydney 2010. 

Inspired by the colourful art clothing scene of the 70s and 80s it brought textile artists and designers together spanning three decades of bold, flamboyant Australian fashion to create clothing and accessories for eight statues in Sydney’s CBD.

During the month of Art & About, tour guide performers led the public on free tours of the statues to learn about their history and the artists behind their outfits.  

The team worked closely with heritage consultants International Conservation Services and the Events department from City of Sydney Council to ensure a safe work methodology around the statues. 

The project was heavily steeped in historical research. Working with historians, Indigenous consultants and the History Council of NSW we brought to life many unknown facts and stories, using these statues as platforms for re-telling Sydney's and Australia's social and cultural history. 

This work re-awakened Sydney's statues for a contemporary audience.

The project involved 20 Australian emerging and established artists and designers including Linda Jackson, Ken Done, Bronwyn Bancroft, Liane Rossler, Eloise Rapp, Jonathan James, Michelle McCosker, Bianca Faye, Rachel Cassar, Spoke and Spool, Susie Rugg & Zoe Mahony. 

Artistic Director: Michelle McCosker                                                                                                  

Creative Producer:  Imogen Semmler

Production Management: Tendril Productions

Performers: Cecily Hardy, Bravo Child, Eddie Sharp & Jess Cook

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Photograph by Matthew Venables

Photograph by Matthew Venables

Photograph by Matthew Venables

Photo by Matthew Venables